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Imagine a quiet vacation with breathtaking views, surrounded by nature in a rustic Mentone, AL cabin. Your unforgettable mountaintop experience is just a click away.

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Mentone, Alabama. This mountain hamlet is a creative and historic getaway where you’ll make memories for life. Cozy cabins perched on the bluff of Lookout Mountain. Waterfalls, hiking trails, and overlooks. Eclectic restaurants. Zip lines, caves, and horseback riding. It’s all waiting for you … at Mentone.

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You’ll see across the valley and into three states from the decks of these bluff view cabins. It’s a peaceful getaway from your busy schedule.

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Complete your cabin vacation at Mentone with area tastes as flavorful and eclectic as the town itself.

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Your Mentone cabin is your vacation home base as you explore waterfalls, hiking trails, caves, bike trails, and more.

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10 tips for a great Mentone cabin getaway

The top considerations when planning to rent a vacation cabin in Mentone, AL

Mentone is a Lookout Mountain hamlet with a rich history and eclectic vibe. It’s a charming town that is warm and inviting. Mentone’s natural beauty, shopping and dining choices, and vacation cabins draw people to Mentone year-round, just as its mineral springs did more than a century ago. When planning your vacation to the area, there are some important things to remember when choosing your cabin in Mentone, Alabama:

  1. Choose a cabin that is appropriately sized for your family. Is this a romantic getaway for two, a trip to the mountains for a large family, or somewhere in between? Sleeper sofas accommodate more family members, however some in your party may prefer the privacy of their own bedroom. Look for Mentone cabin groups that feature studio cabins, loft bedrooms, and one-, two- and three-bedroom cabins to meet the needs of variety of travelers.
  2. Book direct and save money. Many Mentone cabins found on the popular online travel booking sites also have their own websites that allow you to book directly with the owner or property manager. This will save you a significant amount of money, sometimes as much as 20 percent or more over your entire stay. An example is the website, where you’ll find six Mentone cabins. Whenever possible, book directly through such sites; the money you save means more food and fun on your Mentone, Alabama, vacation. 
  3. Plan some of your activities ahead of time. People choose Mentone, Alabama, as a getaway because of its natural beauty. Littler River Canyon National Preserve, DeSoto State Park, and Lookout Mountain in general provide more to see and do than you could possibly enjoy in one visit. A little research up front will help you identify the top things you want to experience. With a little preparation, your Mentone cabin can be home base for a fun-filled mountain getaway.
  4. Schedule some down time. There’s so much to see and do on Lookout Mountain, it would be easy to fill your schedule and leave no time for rest. It’s a vacation, after all, and you don’t want to stay on the go the entire time and return home exhausted. Don’t be that person who gets back home and says “I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!” Your Mentone cabin should provide the comfort and amenities so support the restful part of your vacation, too.
  5. Understand where your cabin is located in relation to all that Mentone has to offer. Spend some time with a map to see how far your cabin is situated from food, gas, and convenience stores, as well as the shops and restaurants you want to visit. There are many cabins to choose from that are less than 5 miles from the heart of Mentone.
  6. Make note of hours of operation. There are few things more disappointing while on your mountain vacation than getting ready for an activity, showing up, and finding the restaurant or attraction closed. Certain public portions of Little River Canyon National Preserve and DeSoto State Park close in the evenings, and most restaurants are closed certain days of the week.
  7. Come prepared for your activities. Will your Mentone vacation include hiking, kayaking, zip lining or other outdoor activities? Be sure to include a basic first aid kit among your outdoor clothing and gear. If you plan to add yoga sessions to your Mentone cabin experience, pack your yoga mat and clothes. And remember to pack any prescription medications.
  8. Bring your camera. Even though most mobile phones have great built-in cameras, they are no substitution for a digital SLR or compact camera. Mentone, Alabama, along with Little River Canyon National Preserve and DeSoto State Park, offers boundless photo opportunities. And if your vacation cabin sits on the edge of Lookout Mountain, you can capture breathtaking sunset images right from the comfort of your private deck. Bring extra batteries so you can shoot without limits. If you prefer film photography, bring plenty of rolls with a variety of speeds to capture photos in an array of lighting conditions. Whatever your photography preference, come prepared to capture amazing photos of the natural world, as well as all the fun activities from your Mentone cabin vacation.
  9. Only book a Mentone cabin with internet service and Wi-Fi. Cell service can be spotty in the mountains, and you will need internet access to look up area information. You’ll want your vacation cabin to have adequate internet service with Wi-Fi coverage so you can research info about area attractions, look for hours of operation, and more.
  10. Watch for bears. Back bears enjoy Mentone, Alabama, as much as you do. If you are hiking, biking, or otherwise exploring the natural beauty of Lookout Mountain, prepare for a possible encounter with a black bear. Even if you plan to stay inside your Mentone cabin for your entire vacation, you nonetheless need to practice smart bear habits to ensure you don’t invite an extra, furry, unwanted guest to your stay. Spend some time on the BearWise website and share basic bear safety instructions with everyone who’ll be part of your vacation.

With the right selection, research, and planning, your cabin at Mentone, Alabama, can provide the perfect location from which to enjoy your Lookout Mountain vacation.